Open Weekend 25. May

Thank you for registering for the 'Open Saturday' in Tamera, Peace Research Center, Portugal, on May 25th! 

Home Address
Passport / ID
We have to register non-Portuguese at the municipal immigration office.
I want to stay overnight (Saturday–Sunday, additional €40)
Please be sure to arrive between 2pm and 3pm and check in at the Reception if you stay overnight.

Please let us know the following information about your children

Do you have children which come with you to this event?
Please fill in the information for all children you come with and seperate with comma
What are the names of your children?
What are the dates of birth of your children?
What are the genders of your children? (e.g. f,m,m)
Which languages do your children speak?

If you would like to contribute to the Solidarity Fund to support people from the global south to receive Education in Tamera, please fill one of the following 2 options:
This amount will be donated to the Solidarity Fund for every day you stay in Tamera
This amount will be donated to the Solidarity Fund once

If you have already been in contact with someone from the office, please specify with whom

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